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Fullstack Engineer

RemoteDublin, Leinster, IrelandProduct

Job description

About the position

You will get to work on some exciting new Roadie features we have in the pipeline, taking problems that our customers face and designing end to end solutions for them. You’ll be responsible for validating a problem or requirement, designing potential solutions, collaborating with the team to design the right solution and then building, deploying it and validating that we’ve solved the problem.

You’ll get to interact daily with our customers who are other developers like us at a broad range of companies like Snyk and Netlify, and will have support and freedom to conduct user testing with them, as well as seeing their reaction to your work and iterating on their feedback.

Our codebase is largely modelled around the open source Backstage project which leverages a decoupled plugin architecture alongside an appropriate level of reusability. This allows for new features to be developed in an independent way and for good design principles to be applied from the start.

We have a highly pragmatic workflow that emphasizes daily collaboration via Slack and Hangouts over rituals and unnecessary meetings. We deploy new versions of our product multiple times a day and look to work on small vertical slices that provide some value over big waterfall feature development.

We are looking for remote candidates residing in timezones UTC-2 to UTC+3.

Company Overview

Roadie is improving developer effectiveness in engineering organizations across the globe. By helping companies adopt and use Backstage, the open-source developer portal and service catalog developed at Spotify, we are making developers' lives easier and more productive.

We believe we’re at an inflection point where we can build a huge company if we make the correct choices now. We grew revenue by 10x in 2022 and have similar momentum in 2023. The work you do will directly impact that forward progress.

We are a fully remote, seed stage startup, backed by some of the best investors in the DevTools ecosystem. From developer-first VC firms like Boldstart, to individual angels like Guy Podjarny - the founder of developer focused security company Snyk, and Adam Gross, the ex-CEO of Heroku.

Though our company is young and has grown quickly, we have maintained a tight-knit culture and way of working even though we’re spread across 7 different European countries.

We aim to create a company culture where individual employees are empowered and trusted to do their best work. We are focused on collaboration, learning, and community conscientiousness.

The Process

  1. A relaxed introductory chat with an engineer from the team. (20 minutes)

  2. A technical pairing interview with two engineers from the team (1hr)

  3. A culture interview with our CEO and an engineer. (1hr)

  4. A decision

What we’re offering

This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-growing venture-backed start-up that is building in a whole new market.

  • Fully remote position (UTC-2 to UTC+3) with flexible working arrangements.

  • 40 days paid time off (including public holidays in your country).

  • We offer a competitive salary based on experience.

  • Meaningful stock options package.

  • Onsite meetups in attractive destinations once or twice a year.

Job requirements

Our Ideal Candidate

As a product focused fullstack engineer you will:

  • Intuitively consider user and business requirements and think in a problem first way

  • Be able to design and collaborate on smart solutions to problems, prioritizing simplicity and pragmatism.

  • Implement your design with clean code using React and Typescript. 

  • Be confident in designing and building secure and performant APIs using Express and Typescript.

  • Be experienced and passionate about good UX and UI design.

  • Take a collaborative approach to design and implementation, communicating openly as you work and collaborating with other team members.

  • Look to use metrics and user research to inform decision making where possible.

  • Understand the cost benefit analysis of testing in a mature way.