Technical Growth Manager

Job description

Technical Growth Manager

Fully remote position. You must be located anywhere in the EU or the US Eastern Time Zone.

What's the opportunity? 🤔

We are a small team made up of 6 engineers, one engineering manager, a Chief of Staff and a CEO. We have a very active and engaged top-of-funnel with a high percentage of leads converting to trials and onboarding to the platform. This funnel is currently supported by the Chief of Staff and CEO.

We are looking for someone to own and scale this flow so we can reliably act on the exponential demand we are seeing.

This will involve building and optimising both the top-of-funnel and onboarding flow so we can understand where we need to focus most. You will also be responsible for acting on the key focus areas by ensuring key prospects are onboarded quickly and easily, through means such as concierge-style support, chat, calls, or documentation and video materials.

Some of the things you might work on in your first few months:

  • Launching a concierge implementation service so key prospects can onboard seamlessly.

  • Optimising our sign-up to conversion flow.

  • Building feedback loops and dashboards so we can understand how changes affect the sign-up and onboarding flow quickly.

  • Building reports so key product and business metrics can be tracked over time.

The offer:

  • 🚀 This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-growing venture-backed start-up that is building a whole new market. Our customers are established scale-ups like and Contentful.

  • 🌎 You must be located in Europe or the US Eastern Time Zone.

  • 💶 We offer a competitive salary based on experience.

  • 📈 We provide a meaningful stock options package.

  • 😎 27 days paid time off.

  • 🏕 Fully remote position with flexible working arrangements.

  • 🛩 Travel may be required at least once a year to meet the team.

Who We Are 🏢

What is the company's mission?

Roadie’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of engineers around the world.

Currently we are doing this by building a Saas version of Backstage. Backstage is a service catalog which was created inside Spotify and has been battle-tested in production since 2016. Every day, thousands of Spotify employees use Backstage to do critical development and operations work.

We have experienced the problems of service sprawl first-hand and decided that there is a better way. By unlocking the power of Backstage, we can make software development easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Learn why the company was founded.

Our values

  • Collaborative - We foster a collaborative environment where we can work on problems together from anywhere.

  • Driven by customer empathy - we care about our customers. Regardless of what you work on, you should think about how your work affects our customer's success.

  • Autonomy - Each person in Roadie is given a wide remit. We trust each other to deliver results without a lot of handholding.

  • Conscious of Community - Our product was born from an open source project so we consider ourselves as being part of a wider community and ecosystem in everything that we do. This helps us avoid tunnel vision in decisions and provides for an open mindset.

  • Always Learning - We optimise for learning new things to ensure we always stay engaged in our roles. This mindset allows us to try new things and fail safely.

Job requirements

Who you Are 🤩

You might be a good fit if you have experience in some of the following areas:

  • Frontline technical customer support

  • Technical sales or account management

  • Gathering and analysing data for sales, support or growth teams

  • Technical product management

  • Experience as an early sales or support role within a high-growth company or experience founding your own start-up

Essential Skills ✨

  • You have 5+ years experience working in a frontline technical sales or technical support role.

  • You have experience with all of the following: scripting (eg. JavaScript/Python/Bash); data analytics experience (e.g. SQL, Looker, Redshift); using and optimising CRMs (eg. Salesforce, Intercom).

  • You have a growth mindset - pushing for high conversion rates at all parts of the funnel will be an important part of this role. You should have a desire to want to improve the funnel with the aim of growing MRR.

  • You are able to make sense of data from multiple sources and draw key insights that inform your actions day-to-day.

  • You are an excellent communicator regardless of whether your audience is technical or non-technical. You must have fluent english and be very comfortable talking with customers.

  • You are comfortable with a lot of autonomy - this is the first role of its kind within Roadie so you should be excited about shaping the role in line with the changing needs of Roadie and its customers.

  • You are a builder - we are a small team and although we are growing rapidly we like to do a lot with a little. We want someone with a big and bold vision for the future of this role but who is also willing to roll up their sleeves and build the path to that vision.

Nice to Have Skills:

  • It would be excellent if you have experience growing a team or company from an early stage. You will be responsible for building a vision around the long term growth needs of Roadie and you will need to carve out a clear path of how to achieve this vision. It would be a huge bonus if you had experience doing this in another company.